Sting en Lima

Sting en Lima. El ex vocalista de The Police ofreció un show con un setlist impresionante, mezclado de canciones de su época con The Police y su larga carrera como solista. La lista de canciones a continuación:

Sting en Lima – Setlist

    If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police cover)
    Englishman In New York
    Roxanne (The Police cover)
    Straight To My Heart
    When We Dance
    I Hung My Head
    Shape Of My Heart
    Why Should I Cry For You?
    Whenever I Say Your Name
    Fields Of Gold
    Next To You (The Police cover)
    A Thousand Years
    This Cowboy Song
    Moon Over Bourbon Street
    End Of The Game
    All Would Envy
    Mad About You
    King Of Pain (The Police cover)
    Every Breath You Take (The Police cover)


    Desert Rose

    Encore 2:

    She’s Too Good For Me

    Encore 3:

    Message In A Bottle

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